Betta Fish Dropsy

Published: 02nd October 2009
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Betta fish dropsy should not be taken lightly. If left untreated, it can be fatal.

Betta dropsy is a symptom of an internal problem, such as a bacterial infection.

The Symptoms:

- Significant bloating and swelling throughout the fish's entire body.

- The betta's scales are standing upright and erect, upwards from the body, rather than lying flat against the body like they are supposed to. This creates what is commonly referred to as a "pine cone look".

The Causes:

The most typical cause of betta fish dropsy is simply and plainly poor condition of the water in your fish's habitat. Taking the time out to clean your fish's habitat, by changing the water, cleaning the rocks, or by removing or replacing any decaying plant life, you can help to keep your betta fish happy and healthy for many years.

The Cures:

1. The first thing you must do once you determine that your fish has betta fish dropsy is to completely clean the entire habitat - the water, the rocks, and the plants.

2. The second thing you must do is quarantine your fish. In other words, you'll have to keep your betta isolated from others that it may be sharing its habitat with. This will prevent the further spread of the bacterial infection.

3. Provide your betta with some antibiotics, which are usually available over the counter (fish don't need prescriptions!) at your local pet store. Some examples of highly effective antibiotics for your betta include Maracyn, Kanacyn, Neomycin.
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