Betta Sickness - What Are Some Symptoms to Tell If Your Betta Fish is Sick?

Published: 16th September 2009
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Here are some things that you should be looking for when you are trying to diagnose betta sickness:

· White spots on your betta's head, its body, or eyes

· Your betta remains docile and inactive near the bottom of its habitat?

· Your betta is not interested in food.

· Your betta has a bloated belly.

· Your betta is swimming in an oblong, topsy-turvy manner.

· Your betta's fins and tail are pale and deteriorating.

· Your betta's scales jut out like pine cones rather than laying flat against its body.

What are some examples of betta sickness?

- Fungal Infection - White patches and significant discoloration on the body or head. The fish is inactive, mostly docile and barely eating anything.

- Tail / Fin Rot - The betta's fins and / or tail are getting shorter in length, falling apart or deteriorating. The edges of the fins and the tail become darker in color while the rest of the body is pale.

- Ick - A parasite found in live frozen foods that can cause your fish to develop itchy white dots all over the body, head, and even the eyes.

- Popeye - A bacterial infection, caused by poor water quality, one of whose symptoms is that the fish's eyes bulge out.

- Dropsy - Your betta fish's scales are raised up, making your fish look like a "pine cone". This is due to bacteria from eating live worms.

- Swim Bladder Disorder - Swelling of your betta's underbelly, typically a sign of overfeeding.
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